Muhé Koroná lecture

It has become a tradition for all mayor themed exhibitions to be accompanied by a lecture by our curator, Mrs. Josée Thissen-Rojer. In this lecture, which is actually an audio-visual presentation, she will elaborate on the theme of the exhibition - in this case how women are portrayed in the visual arts - and in especially highlight the works and artists chosen for the exhibition.

- Press Release -

‘The Image of Women'
On Wednesday August 17 2005 the curator of Landhuis Bloemhof Josée Thissen-Rojer will hold a lecture with power point presentation about the present exhibit “Muhé Koroná”, the Crowned Woman. The title of the presentation is “The Image of Women”.
First Josée Thissen will tell us the reason for putting up the exhibition. Following the works of art in the exhibit and other works of the history of art we shall see the various ways in which the image of women has been projected in the visual arts.
How and why is the image of women applied in the plastic arts? What does the artist wish to express? What influence does art have in the imaging and how is the essence of  the woman – being expressed?
The oldest known image of a woman the “Venus from Willendorf” will be discussed as well as classic themes like the “Three Graces” and the influence that they still have in the arts or the interpretation of art. Both work by foreign artists as well as work of the following Antillian artists, who are currently  exhibiting will be reviewed: Arlette da Costa Gomez, May Henriquez, Nelson Carilho, Yubi Kirindongo, Betty Abbad – de Lange, Enrique Olario, Jean Girigori, Nepomuceno, Norva Sling and Elis Juliana.
Entrance is free and the language is English. Landhuis Bloemhof is situated at Santa Rosawg 6, parking available on the lot of Tap Maar In.